Monday, August 9, 2010

Mrs. D was Too Busy to go on the LSD Trip

When I'm sitting with one of my seniors, I'm always amazed at how easy they can strike up a story and make it so humorous. I had this exact experience with one of my seniors on yesterday. She's 92 years old and as cute as a button. We were finished with the day and got on the subject of who lived in her neighborhood, but where the conversation went next dropped my jaw and made me laugh hysterically by the end!

Mrs. D started off telling me about how commonly used LSD was in the 1950s, especially among her friends who lived close by. During that time, Mrs. D, was young and had to work very hard to take care of herself. She worked as a photographer and wrote stories for the newspaper, so she really couldn't interact as much with the other ladies. Now this is when her story got funny.

Mrs. D sits up on her couch and says,
"some of the ladies told me that they were going to try LSD for the first time on the weekend and if I was going to join them? I was dying to try it and one of the ladies told me that in order to enjoy the LSD experience I would have to take off from work and totally relax my mind in order to enjoy it. I told her that I wasn't going to miss work! Oh, but I was dying to try it! So, I missed out on my chance to try LSD. I was so bummed about it, but I wasn't going to stop working because I had to take care of myself during that time."
My jaw dropped and I laughed hysterically because she really looked like she "missed her chance to go on the LSD trip".

Wow! So, then I replied back to her that there is a life's lesson in all of this for me. I told her, "You were too busy. Being too busy kept you out of trouble and from possibly even hurting yourself in the end," but she wrinkled up her face and said, I know, but back then I was dying to try it!

This was such a funny experience, you just had to be there to hear her tell it. It felt like an episode of the Golden Girls.

Nugget of Wisdom: When you're too busy there's no time for mischief.

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