Friday, August 20, 2010

Three Fabulous Aprons For Grandma At Any Age!

When Sunday dinner roles around, there's nothing more special than eating grandma's homemade cooking. She's a pro at the fried chicken, catfish, collard greens, sweet potato pie, and lets not forget the corn bread. Grandma even knows how to dress up the table so nice and bring in all the family to celebrate another Sunday's best.

I realized then that Grandmas all over the world needed a special apron to wear and look fabulous in while preparing that special meal for you and yours.

I found these three AMAZING Aprons for cooking, cleaning, gardening or doing crafts while on OpenSky!

You can buy it right here from my blog, The Old Folks Know Best, by clicking the Add To Cart button below.

Enjoy and Thanks,


Original Pink Chocolate $30

Cosmos Full Length Apron $45

Women's Apron - Scallopped Cherry Blossom $30

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