Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Vase of Flowers

I've heard the saying time and time again, "Give me my flowers while I'm still alive".

It's so sad to see how many flowers are put on gravesites each year and the dead is unable to smell or see them. Flowers become the way we say, "I'm sorry..." or "I wish I would have..." or "Give me another chance to...", to attempt to heal all of our own inconsistencies.

However, on the sunny side, if you're reading this you have a second chance. The grandparent, the mom or dad, the aunt or uncle, the sister or brother, the seniors in all of these categories, need to see your fresh flowers of love, friendship, and blessings.

Yes, flowers will die and there will be time for a new dozen or so...but one piece still remains and that's the mold that we put them in to see them from afar. It's the vase...the vase for flowers that remain, ready to hold the next special gift of flowers.

Since, vases are known to break, there is one solution to this problem that your senior relative, friend, or lover, will approve of...and maybe even love....

Rubber Vase - large - Turquoise  $40 in stock
Supplied by Creative Danes 

So...don't wait until the day comes when that senior has taken their last breath to give them a vase of flowers. Make sure that time is now. Many Blessings and Peace to you. -Selena

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