Saturday, October 30, 2010

October Contest UPDATE! Ends November 5, 2010, 11:59pm/EST

Hello Everyone!

I'm so very excited how my first contest has been going for the month of OCTOBER!!! I have received some very deep and emotionally grounded responses to my contest questions. You all are so AWESOME!

I wanted to make sure to remind you that if you still want to submit your contest response to my two questions and subscribe to this blog, you can still do so until November 5, 2010 11:59pm/EST. Thereafter, I will be rereading all entries and following a point system for each response to see who has won the first $50 contest and will get a $50 donation sent in their name to the St. Vincent Meals on Wheels.

I can personally say that this is very hard for me because you all have a special quality to your responses. I will take my time during this week and digest them all over again and any new ones that come as well. You all ROCK!

Please remember to enter your email address in the white box to the right to subscribe to this site, which is a very important step to your contest entry. If you need help on this, please review the video in the contest post.
I will also send an email to anyone who has subscribed but have not gone to their personal email account, for example, yahoo, gmail, aol, etc., to accept the subscription. In my subscription account you come up as APPROVAL PENDING until you respond to the email. If you need this help, the email will be coming from

Again, your responses are greatly cherished and I look forward to sharing with you, my November CONTEST!!!!!

Peace and blessings,

Selena Brown

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Cooking Tip: How To Make Sure Your Soft-Boiled Egg Doesn't Leak the Good Stuff!

On Friday, I had the opportunity to help a great senior couple in their home with breakfast and other little household chores. However, what really motivated this post was the great, little, cooking tip given by Mrs. D., who does all the cooking since her husband, age 92, has been living with Alzheimer's Disease. Mrs. D. told me that when she was younger, she loved to cook and learned from a cooking school that in order to make sure that her soft-boiled eggs doesn't leak the white part of the egg, while being placed into the hot water, she puts a little lemon or lime in the water. The citrus from the lemon or lime keeps the egg whites from bubbling out of the eggs in case it is cracked during the boiling process! Wow, huh! I never knew that!

How do you make sure your soft-boiled egg doesn't leak the good stuff?

*Place a piece of LEMON or LIME in your boiling water

Bon App├ętit!


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Monday, October 18, 2010

Playing Gin Rummy And Winning At Ninety (90) Years Old

On Sunday (last night), I had the opportunity to share some time with a strong woman of 90 years old, Mrs. Marje. As soon as I came into the house, her daughter asked me if I knew how to play Gin Rummy and I said my other relatives used to play when I was a little girl. I barely played, but could remember if she refreshed my memory. :)

And...that's exactly what Mrs. Marje did. She gave me the rules as we dove right into the first hand. I kept score. I didn't know what to expect because I had not played in a while. However, as the games went on and she was 200 to my measley 65, I soon learned that I need to catch on quickly. It soon became a competition and I was eager to win.

In the final hand before it was time for her to eat dinner, she sealed the deal and I was close, but no cigar! She won 525 to my 425. She walked right into the 500 winner's circle and left me in the dust. I told her that I would have to come over there and play her more sometimes. She was great, with comedic gestures throughout. I felt as if I was playing one of my peers the way we were babbling back and forth. It was great!

With that being said, if you want to learn how to play Gin Rummy and not face the terrible defeat that I experienced with my senior client, Mrs. Marje, then hop on over to Wikipedia to get the inside scoop on how to play the game. I realized while playing the game, how mental and strategic it really is. Gin Rummy keeps the mind young and you thinking.

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Why St. Vincent Meals On Wheels for Cash and Donation CONTEST?

The end of week 1 is coming to a close and tomorrow will begin week 2 of my $50 Cash and Donations Contest! I thought that I should share why I've chosen St. Vincent Meals on Wheels as my first donations choice for holiday season of contests.

Here's a little inside look on St. Vincent Meals on Wheels:

If you would like to participate in this wonderful contest, then visit the contest post:

All you have to do is Subscribe via Email to The Old Folks Know Best blog here with your email address and answer two questions. That's it and you are submitted in the drawing! GO NOW and SUBMIT!


Selena Brown
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Saturday, October 9, 2010

"Thank You for Listening"

How many people can actually say they take the time to just listen? Personally, I can sometimes be a jumping bean full of thoughts, ideas, what-ifs, but there is one thing I can't get enough of and that's listening to my senior clients. On tonight I had the opportunity to spend some time with a Japanese client, Mrs. K, who is 90 something years old and was just needing someone to listen.

Seniors are smarter and even more alert than some think. They want to share their worries, concerns, and even get our opinions. All we have to do is give them some time and a chance to share. To see Mrs. K, laying there ready for bed and then out of nowhere begin to talk about how she felt about leaving her home to go into a rest home, she was so worried about where her furniture would go, her clothes, and even all the little things she wanted to give to some of her friends, but most of all she wouldn't have us to "spoil her" as we do (her caregivers). I was coming to tears inside just listening to her spill her worries and then letting her know that the rest home is actually a great option being that it would give her a chance to do activities with people of her age, she would go on outings, see some of her Japanese friends who are already there, and her family can still come by.

There was two things that made me tear even more inside....first, she asked me would I come visit her? I told her I sure would and I would love to....second, she said, "Thank you for listening to me."

I believe we all want someone to just listen. Communication in life between two parties, as intense as politics to relationships with family, friends, and others in general would be simply a wonderful learning experience.

Talk with you soon,

Monday, October 4, 2010



DEADLINE TO ENTER: November 5, 2010 (11:59pm, Eastern Standard Time)

DEADLINE TO ENTER: November 5, 2010 (11:59pm, Eastern Standard Time)



So you want to become my first $50 GRAND PRIZE WINNER and HELP SENIORS GET NUTRITIOUS MEALS too?

After thinking long and hard about my first series of holiday contests here at The Old Folks Know Best, I've decided  for the month of October to give one individual a $50 Visa Gift Card (FREE MONEY) and match it with a $50 Donation to a great cause, St.Vincent Meals On Wheels, in their name!

We have officially entered the season of giving and all the holiday fun is soon to come, but there are millions of senior citizens who still need warm meals in our communities and the continuous support of the St. Vincent Meals on Wheels program will provide this!

If you're in the spirit of giving as well as receiving, then....

To Enter The October Contest:

Simply subscribe to this blog and post a comment below to answer these two questions:

1.How has the advice of a senior citizen affected your judgment or decisions in life?

2.What do you like most about

If you can subscribe to this blog and answer these two questions, you have an equal shot at winning the cash prize and sending a great donation to start the holiday season off right in your name!

What Does The Winner Receive?

1.$50 Visa Gift Card (Same as Cash b/c Cash cannot be sent through the mail, so that's how you will receive your prize money)

2.A donation of $50 will be sent on your behalf to St. Vincent Meals on Wheels. You will receive a card acknowledgement in the mail from St.Vincent Meals on Wheels of your contribution as noted on their website. (A receipt comfirmation will be applied to confirm that you have received your cash prize for both party's peace of mind -- yours and mine)

How is the winner chosen?

1.Each comment will be read individually and judged on its quality, believability, sincerity and tact.

2.The winning entry will be posted on this site,, Facebook Fan Page, Youtube and will be contacted via email to gather information to send prize.

DEADLINE TO ENTER: November 5, 2010 (11:59pm, Eastern Standard Time)


1.If you submit your comments to the questions, Anonymously or in a way that I cannot identify who you are, you must send me your working email address directly to  so that I will be able to identify your submission in case you are the winner. If not, the second best entrant and thereon will be chosen until someone is contacted successfully to received the monetary prize.

2.There is only one submission allowed per account holder, guest, blogger, wordpress, etc.

3.No purchase necessary.

4.Your email address or any/other personal information will not be provided to third parties.

5.Contest open to U.S. Residents ONLY.

I am really looking forward to reading your answers and giving away my first Contest Prize for October and on to the next one with a higher monetary gift and donation amount to my loyal subscribers for November! Make sure to subscribe via email to get all my updates on the contests and other postings!

Stay Well and Safe,

Selena Brown