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DEADLINE TO ENTER: November 5, 2010 (11:59pm, Eastern Standard Time)

DEADLINE TO ENTER: November 5, 2010 (11:59pm, Eastern Standard Time)



So you want to become my first $50 GRAND PRIZE WINNER and HELP SENIORS GET NUTRITIOUS MEALS too?

After thinking long and hard about my first series of holiday contests here at The Old Folks Know Best, I've decided  for the month of October to give one individual a $50 Visa Gift Card (FREE MONEY) and match it with a $50 Donation to a great cause, St.Vincent Meals On Wheels, in their name!

We have officially entered the season of giving and all the holiday fun is soon to come, but there are millions of senior citizens who still need warm meals in our communities and the continuous support of the St. Vincent Meals on Wheels program will provide this!

If you're in the spirit of giving as well as receiving, then....

To Enter The October Contest:

Simply subscribe to this blog and post a comment below to answer these two questions:

1.How has the advice of a senior citizen affected your judgment or decisions in life?

2.What do you like most about

If you can subscribe to this blog and answer these two questions, you have an equal shot at winning the cash prize and sending a great donation to start the holiday season off right in your name!

What Does The Winner Receive?

1.$50 Visa Gift Card (Same as Cash b/c Cash cannot be sent through the mail, so that's how you will receive your prize money)

2.A donation of $50 will be sent on your behalf to St. Vincent Meals on Wheels. You will receive a card acknowledgement in the mail from St.Vincent Meals on Wheels of your contribution as noted on their website. (A receipt comfirmation will be applied to confirm that you have received your cash prize for both party's peace of mind -- yours and mine)

How is the winner chosen?

1.Each comment will be read individually and judged on its quality, believability, sincerity and tact.

2.The winning entry will be posted on this site,, Facebook Fan Page, Youtube and will be contacted via email to gather information to send prize.

DEADLINE TO ENTER: November 5, 2010 (11:59pm, Eastern Standard Time)


1.If you submit your comments to the questions, Anonymously or in a way that I cannot identify who you are, you must send me your working email address directly to  so that I will be able to identify your submission in case you are the winner. If not, the second best entrant and thereon will be chosen until someone is contacted successfully to received the monetary prize.

2.There is only one submission allowed per account holder, guest, blogger, wordpress, etc.

3.No purchase necessary.

4.Your email address or any/other personal information will not be provided to third parties.

5.Contest open to U.S. Residents ONLY.

I am really looking forward to reading your answers and giving away my first Contest Prize for October and on to the next one with a higher monetary gift and donation amount to my loyal subscribers for November! Make sure to subscribe via email to get all my updates on the contests and other postings!

Stay Well and Safe,

Selena Brown


  1. Good Luck, Everyone! I can't wait to read your entries. Blessings to you. -Selena

  2. when I was pregnant at 41 and wondering if having another child was a good idea an older woman told me when you get to the end of your life you will not regret having just one more child but you might regret NOT having one more.

    I love the pics of the hands so beautiful.

  3. @Joy - What a great beginning post to the contest here. Personally, I never really understood the impact that children have on people until my sister just had her first daughter. I see her and think what it would've been like for my sister mentally and emotionally if she would have had that abortion. My little niece is 2 months old next week and my sister is a great mom. Yes, that older woman was right...thanks for sharing. Blessings, Selena

  4. Being I am a senior already I will share the one thing I know about life. Love those close, tell them you love them and share your time and talents with them. Nothing is as important as love.

    I will enjoy reading your blog. Maybe I will learn something

  5. @sodahoney I am so happy to have you as a senior share your personal words of wisdom. I can never get enough of it. It has helped me so much in my life to be a better person. Sometimes, love can be so hard to express, but when I think about all that I am blessed with and the people I have and will continue to impact in the future, I can do nothing but love people in general. I can do nothing but love those who may have other intentions good or bad for my life. All I can do is love and hopefully that love is seen through my actions. Thank you for sharing and you are loved. Many blessings to you. -Selena

  6. The advice of an elderly family member has forever not only changed, but shaped my life in a more positive manner. When I was younger I would not get along with my mom so well, so I spent a lot of time with my Nonna. She told me stories about how it was when she lived in Italy, and that she never got to spend time with her parents, so I should do my best to get to know mine, especially my mother. It never really sunk in until I lost my Nonna, when she passed away, though I was young, my whole world came into perspective. I realized that if I felt empty and missed her so much, I wonder how I would feel if I lost my mom. Ever since then I try to appreciate my mom more even though our views differ. I do my best to see the best in everyone that is important to me, and I have my Nonna to thank for that.

    The thing I like most about this site is that it helps to connect people, and helps educate individuals about how to care for their elderly. Many people are uninformed as to the services that are available to family members in need, and this site provides the resources to become informed.


  7. I have gotten alot of good advice from senior citizens in my short life time but if i had to choose one i would have to say a quote that a senior citizen told me while i was at work one day and i quote " If you take care of your needs your wants will follow" basically saying if you take care of your priorities in life your wants will bear fruit of it.

    What i like the most about is the wisdom and knowledge i can come and read at anytime from the senior citizens because we all know that the old folks know best:))

  8. My Mom is a senior now and I can not express the value of a Mom. A Mom is always there, a Mom speaks kind words, a Mom has a gentle touch, a Mom gives her all, a Mom shares her wisdom and a Mom gives love. She also spoils your kids. Revere your Mom she will not be here forever.
    I don't enter contest so I don't have all those handles, I hope I can just leave my email.

  9. @Courtney Thank you so much for the touching post. I've had my time trying to understand my own mother's actions to different situations during my childhood. It was rough, but I've lived through them with a mom and dad. However, my grandmother was always the person that I connected with best. Although sometimes she didn't even know what she was saying, I could hear her stories from when she was a young woman and the jobs she did and the people she remembered. I cared for her because it gave me peace and not just because it was necessary. I still think of her and remember her and continue to work on my own self within to understand my mother. Thank you...

  10. @Russell Thank you for sharing the senior citizen words of wisdom you received. When I decided to create this blog, I knew that I wanted to fix the one thing I hear most of my senior clients say and notice that they feel and that's "Not feeling important or wanted around anymore". I began this project not knowing how people would receive it or if anyone would care to read about the tidbits from seniors of past and present thus far, but I did it anyway. Just taking the time to read your response and all of the great responses so far has allowed me to see the need and how important this project will be as I continue the development process. I hope it will come to a point where I can go out and interview seniors and share their stories firsthand in writing or video. I would absolutely love that! I'm hoping for it and know that the need is being fulfilled with this blog and my wants are being satisfied each time I read your responses with more to come on future projects. Many blessings to you. -Selena

  11. @Anonymous-Tonya - Thank you for sharing the importance of Mom. A mom is indeed the most important piece to understanding any kind of foundation when it comes to the love factor. Everyday a child is born from the womb of a woman, which they will learn to call her mom. She will breastfeed them and bathe them and comfort them even when its only the two of them in the family at times. Although my mom was there and in the home, sometimes I wish I understood my mom a little better, but that's why I guess God made sure to have my grandmother to help as well.

  12. My Bama told me that styles come and go people are always the same.
    This when I was in my teens and trying hard to fit in.
    Bama sat with me many times and helped me understand that if my "friends" wanted me to do something that would get me into trouble, then they weren't "friends" worth having! The lights went on and except for Bama,I ended up making the best friend of my life. She wasn't popular but she was real and I loved her dearly!
    Not trying to impress folks has made my way through life so much easier. My own teen age daughter has learned Bama's lesson as well.
    Later in life, Bama was told she needed to go to a nursing home. She did NOT want to.
    My new husband and I moved to her basement and I was her caregiver for several years.
    Those were some of the hardest but best years I've had. As she began to forget her
    present and live in the past I was able to see just how much she had loved me when I was small.
    She thought my newborn son was me!
    She cooed and loved on me/him all the time.
    I got in trouble more than once when she thought I was my mom and didn't like the way I did things with her "iddle bug".
    After I lost her, several years went by and I decided to get my cna lic. so I could get a job around the folks I love best.

    The ones who have lived here long enough
    to have extra wisdom to share.
    The ones who need someone to hold hands or just remember when with.
    I haven't worked in an asisted living, or a nursing home for several years now but
    that doesn't mean you can't be part of someones life.
    There are opportuniyies every day to share
    either something tangible like help with chores or food, or just helping someone not be lonely.

  13. @tattgiff, Thank you so much for sharing your special moments with your Bama. They really helped me to see even more how important my personal passion is for this blog, The Old Folks Know Best.
    It takes a special kind of person to work with senior citizens and accept their shortcomings that we all will ultimately see or experience if we live long enough. Many blessings to you. -Selena

  14. I know what you mean, grandmothers always seem to have that understanding touch. Mothers do what they believe is best for us though, and I am slowly starting to realize why she did the things she did throughout my childhood.

  15. @Courtney, Hello, Courtney! I'm really happy to read that you are beginning to realize why your mother did the things she did. I believe the older we get, we grow and see situations from a whole new perspective. I know that my childhood experiences have made me strong and determined. I also know what I want versus what I don't want for my own life from the examples in my childhood. Thanks for sharing...-Selena :)

  16. Im a christian so when I got down and out my grandmother would always say Holly you know the Lord will take care of you. Right now Im going through some tough problems health of myself, daughter, and husband. There are times I remember what grandmother said and I try to put those words back into my heart. She taught me by her example to love everyone although I fail miserubly. Maybe in the future I will completely sustain that trait as she did.
    I like most about this site is that it brought to my remeberance of not only my grandmother but how old folks truly bless our lives. If Iam chosen as a winner I would like my prize to be donated also to the St Vincent Meals On Wheels

  17. 1.How has the advice of a senior citizen affected your judgment or decisions in life?

    Well, my answer here is going to be a little long winded. My grandmother was very involved in my life from a young age, since my father died in a car accident when I was 2. She had been divorced before I was even born, but that didn't stop her from taking care of us kids.

    But my grandma wasn't just my grandma. She was one of the very first Woman Marine volunteers to serve in WWII. She was a Catholic school teacher to thousands of children (and their children too!). She volunteered with Toys for Tots and many other charities.

    After her death two weeks ago, I realized that despite the fact that I'm only 24, I haven't really done anything with my life. I just graduated college and I'm still figuring things out.

    So a few days ago, I made my blog "Little Flowers"( ) which posts once a day with a way that any person can spend 10 minutes or $10 to help another person.

    Regardless of whether I win or not, I plan to post this contest in my blog tomorrow and encourage people to enter and donate.

    2.What do you like most about

    I like that it doesn't treat seniors like babies that need coddling, and understands that they are still people who want to socialize and have fun and enjoy themselves. After my grandmother moved into her independent living apartment, she finally had freedom to be a woman, instead of just a grandmother. She started a poker group and met her boyfriend, who gave her the time of her life right up until the day she died (she was getting ready for a date that night!)

  18. Hi Selena! I just wanted to let you know that I reblogged about your contest on my blog, Little Flowers, that's about doing 1 thing a day in less than 10 minutes or for less than $10 to help make the world a better place!

    Good luck with your contest, and here's a link to my post:

  19. @Anonymous Christian, Wow! Thank you for sharing how important your grandmother was in your life. I appreciate the old folks because they have lived the life and are much more transparent in their older years. I've heard the greatest stories from some of my clients and they don't mind sharing. If you are my winner I will make sure that St. Vincent Meals on Wheels gets your gift for the month of October, but I still can't have you go away empty handed. Thank you and many blessings to you! -Selena

  20. @Yllsa, Thank you so much for reaching out and sharing the memories of your late grandmother. She was definitely an amazing woman.

    Thank you also for sharing your blog, Little Flowers at which was influenced by your grandmother.

    I would really like to share a unique post about your blog, so write up something unique on how your grandmother motivated the creation of your blog Little Flowers. I'm looking forward to posting it here! Many blessings to you! -Selena

  21. The best advice I have ever received was from my daddy as he battled colon cancer. While he never said a thing, he taught me how to battle bravely and with diginity all of life's issues. Daddy passed away 10-29-10 at 4:06 pm surrounded by his family. I love and miss him so very much!

    I love the concept of your blog, the stories and the great photos. Keep up the great work.

    trinitygsd at yahoo dot com

  22. @Chisum's Crew - I was so touched by your post and thank you so much for sharing. A father's words can really have a huge impact on a child and this is an example of how powerful our fathers can be in our lives. I strongly believe in battling bravely and with dignity. We only have one life to live and breathe so why not go out and battle bravely in it. I see here that your father is no longer in this life, but rest assured, he is proud of you and just by sharing your words here, someone will be touched, inspired, and blessed. Much love and Many blessings to you. -Selena

  23. my mom passed away when she was just by no means she was "old" but her words of wisdom still ring in my ears every day even after 15 yrs. She told us - you will always be richer than someone so give,give..I try to live by that mantra. Subscriber email: herry123_us at live dot com

  24. I had a father in law who told me not to postpone things like taking vacations because if you wait like him then you won't ever get them taken because your health etc.. will go bad.
    ortizvelasquez at yahoo dot com

  25. 1.How has the advice of a senior citizen affected your judgment or decisions in life?

    I have seen and heard stories from my grandmother about how she struggled while her children were growing up. She has always encouraged me to continue on with my education and every step of the way she has praised what I have completed.

    2.What do you like most about

    I know that if it were my grandmother out there that was unable to get food on her own, I would want somebody to help her out. It is nice to see an organization like this taking the initiative to help out those in need.

  26. I subscribe by email. I was once pondering moving out of state to be with my boyfriend instead of going to graduate school. Luckily, my grandmother's wise advice convinced me to stay in school, which turned out to be the best decision I could make.
    I like the Lifelong Learning Adventures section the best, it is so interesting to learn from others about their life adventures. honeypie411 at yahoo dot com

  27. I have received so much wonderful advice from the elderly. It feels like a shame to call it advice but more like blessings that touch my life everyday, make me who I am and give me something special to pass on to my children. My mother passed away when I was 14 of breast cancer and the lessons learned from the elders of my family is how I made it through.

    My grandfather taught me to put pride into everything I do and that no matter how fast you drive you are not cool if you can't keep it between the lines. He drove me all over his farm on his tractor and up until he passed away I did not feel alone.

    I worked in home care in my early twenties and had never learned to cook much at all without a cookbook which was sometimes still a disaster. The lady I took care of was 92 and still got around enough to cook, it was her livelyhood. She taught me how to make gravy out of anything imaginable! There I was supposed to be the one all giving to her and her offering me a gift I use everyday.

    My grandmother passed away when I was young as well but she used to cook for everyone. No matter who came to her door she smiled let them in and offered them food and drink, as a friend. I know I can never measure up to be as sweet as any of these people but I strive to. She taught me to never judge to just love people and trat them as I wanted to be treated.

    This generation of elderly has gave me so much and that is nothing compared to how they have touched this world. Now it is our turn to do for them.

    I love anything pertaing to the love and respect of the elderly. I feel that every site and every article can strike a nerve in someone and motivate them into action. I will most likely be at a nursing home this weekend now trying to boost spirits!

    moondreamer1979 at yahoo dot com

  28. I was surrounded by "old folks" when I was a little girl. I was an only child, born when my parents were in their late 20s. They enjoyed travel and camping, so they joined the Good Sam Club when I was probably 8 years old, and then they started another chapter when we moved. Most of the members, especially of the Florida chapter they founded, were senior citizens. Occasionally someone would bring their grandchild to one of the monthly campouts, but mostly I was the only kid there. I think I learned a lot about kindness, civility, and getting along with others by spending time with that group. I have very old-fashioned values, and that probably came from being around old folks, too. The concept of your contest is right in line with what our camping club did to help others. At one of our meetings, a member suggested that we develop a community project to help others. I suggested a food drive, like was being done at my school. After that, every member would bring a non-perishable food item to each meeting and the monthly collection was provided to a needy family. I felt good at being a respected member of this august group because they not only listened to my idea, they acted on it. From that, I learned another lesson: age doesn't matter if you just listen and appreciate each other.

    I like your "favorites" link on the side, although the one on cooking for the elderly doesn't necessarily lead to relevant posts. It's still a great idea. I also enjoyed the section on lifelong learning. At 45, I'm getting pretty close to the senior level myself, and I hope that when (if) I'm able to retire, I'll be able to go on some of these adventure trips. It sounds amazing.

    I subscribe to your blog on Google Friend Connect.

  29. 1. How has the advice of a senior citizen affected your judgment or decisions in life?

    The advice that I remember most from a senior citizen is that is important to love others and taking nothing in life for granted. This advice has primarily come from my mother and has been echoed to me by numerous of other senior citizens. I try my best to help others anyway I can.

    My mother is about to turn 70 on November 13. I show her love and appreciation all the time. I do things like buying gifts/dinner, chauffeuring her to different places, and just telling her that I love her as much as I can. She has helped me out tremendously over the years. As a result, I have a bachelor’s degree in Economics and a Master’s in Public Administration. It is time for me pay it back as much as I can. She has sacrificed her time and money just to get the things I wanted and needed. My mother is 100 percent unselfish and I am glad to have her in my life. Besides loving others, she has also taught me to put Jesus first in my life. I try my best to love everyone like Jesus did. He can fight your battles for you and He has helped my mother and I overcome a lot of obstacles.

    The second thing I would like to mention is the not taking things for granted part. I have seen the rich & powerful rise and fall on numerous occasions. I have seen young and old people die suddenly. This is a true statement. I treat everyone right and cherish them every single day. I will definitely make the best use of my time by working hard and continuing to help others achieve their goals. We are all here on Earth for short time. You never know when you will be called to go home.

    2.What do you like most about

    I like the diversity of the site the most. The site looks uplifting and very well laid out. On your site, you have the lifelong learning, sugar free, resource center, and old folks shop. I can learn things like how to get and prepare healthier foods, contact resource/learning centers, donate my time/money to various organizations, and buy items for those special senior citizens in my life. I love sites like yours that give valuable insights on how to help and care for people. Keep up the good work, Mrs. Selena Brown and staff.

  30. @JOSHUA Thank you so much for sharing all the great ways you are giving thanks to your mother for her sacrifices. I care for senior citizens and 70 years old is the beginning of the journey into a whole new world for your mother. She needs you more than ever before and it's so special to know that you are there for her. You are greatly appreciated. I was inspired to create this site and hope to educate and continue to share what I experience from senior citizens from all over. Good luck and I hope to hear from you on my future posts! Many blessings to you! -Selena

  31. @Auriette Thank you for your great post! Although I am in my early 30s, I feel like I'm older inside myself because of all the time I have spent with senior citizens. They fill you with wisdom by the little things they say and what a pleasure to hear them speak and say the most funniest things. What great friends I have when I go work with them or meet them along the way throughout my day! Thank you for the tip on the link for Cooking for the Elderly. I'm thinking I will try to find a better site for this as well. Many blessings to you!

  32. @Moondreamer1979 Hello! Thank you so much for your input. It's always great to hear how the good "old folks" have helped to make someone a better person and to received blessings from them is even more impacting. My career has been in corporate america, but my life has taken a unique turn into other career ventures and it has included the care of senior citizens too. I cared for my grandmother as a teen and I'm guessing that I have so many senior souls to get to before I'm able to reap the benefits of my new career goals. However, I can say it's so much fun in the meantime! Many blessings to you Moondreamer1979. -Selena

  33. @Julieh Thank you for following the steps and subscribing via email! Love is a very unique thing because it blinds you sometimes, but boy, does it feel good when you're in the moment. Sometimes you just have to talk to someone who has been there and done that to see the real picture. I'm so glad that your grandmother got to you before you made your decision. Love is a butterfly of a thing, but our lives continue on with and sometimes without it for a while. I wish for you much happiness and true love in the future, Julieh. -Selena

  34. @Patty Clark Thank you for sharing! Education is very important and it's great to know that your grandmother embedded that within you. With the economy, supposed in shambles, many people have excuses for why they haven't taken the initiative with their lives. I know people personally and from media feeds, who have taken their finances, careers, and family security into their own hands. We have so much opportunity and its found in education. Just by learning a new skill or trade or creating a new innovation can satisfy a great need for the many people in our country. Yeppo! I am all for St. Vincent's Meals on Wheels because I've seen them come by one of my senior client's home, bring hot meals. What a joy it is to feed those who are hungry. Many blessings to you, Patty! -Selena

  35. @twinmomoftwins Thank you for sharing how important those vacations are. I needed to hear that myself because I always feel as if I can't take are break. I'm currently learning the Spanish language and have always wanted to go to Spain to experience the people and culture. I sometimes feel that if I plan a trip too far ahead that something will come up to bump my plans, but I think I should take the advise of your father-in-law and plan that trip to Spain. Many blessings to you! -Selena

  36. @Hetal Thank you for sharing how important giving is to others. I feel like my purpose in life is to give of my gifts and talents. I know that God is shining down on my giving and hope that it will be special in someone's life. Sometimes I feel like it's one-sided though and how does this benefit me personally. Then, I lay my head on my pillow and close my eyes and sleep to wake up again to a new day. When I wake up, I'm renewed to a new purpose of giving for the new day and can't stop doing what I was purposed to do and that's give, give, give. That doubt and insecurity of why I give and the me, me, me, syndrome, is put to rest for another day. Thank you so much, Hetal! -Selena

  37. There is a woman who is probably in her 80's who lives a few doors down from me. I've always loved how her family and extended family congregate at her house for every occasion - that's something I would love for my own family. When I had my first child, I gave up my career and threw all my energy into child-rearing, and I adored my son more than I'd ever thought possible. When I was pregnant with my second child, I got more and more worried that, with as much love and energy as I expended on my first child, that I wouldn't have anything left to love another child. The next time I saw this woman, I told her my fears. I will never forget her response. She smiled and said that EVERY mother thinks that way, but most of them hold it inside and don't say it out loud. She said that having a second child would increase my capacity to love. There was no doubt at all in her voice - just a contentedness that told me she HAD been through this and that she had no doubt that the same thing would happen to me. Her serenity got through to me in a way that no words could have. And of course, after my daughter was born, I found out that she was right.

    I love the wealth of information available on your site. My parents are getting elderly, so I read Home Instead Senior Care with interest!

    I subscribed as barbara529 at juno dot com

  38. The advice of my Grandparents has influenced my healthy eating, saved me money, grief and trouble.
    I like youe site because it informs us about the needs and great valueable worth of the elderly.

    Worth loving, helping, respecting, listening to, spending time with, and ensuring their safety. I am following and subscribing. Thank you.

  39. Hi, Selena!

    First, let me start by saying what I love your site!

    I'm a subscriber via email subscription!

    I also follow your blog (publicly) via Google Friends Connect!

    I think it's great that you're bringing 'much needed' awareness to the plight of senior citizens in our country and giving them an outlet to share their wisdom with us all!

    Through-out my life, I've gotten great advice from many (wise) senior citizens - the most informative piece of advice coming from my own great-grandfather (R.I.P. PAPA) who was constantly reminding me as a youth to 'always' strive to do my 'very best' and never let anyone tell me what 'I COULDN'T DO'!

    His motto for life was: "Unless someone wants it that much, it WILL NEVER HAPPEN! BECAUSE THEY WILL NEVER TRY"!

    And what I love most about your site is the helpful (particularly the cooking) tips you offer your readers to help us care for 'our' beloved senior citizens!


  40. I have benifitted from the wisdom and knowledge of Senior citizens all my life in a very loving and positive way. Through my grandmother and aunt and now my mother I have seen strength and determination and love that can move mountains and have learned with faith and love anything is possible.

    Now that my parents are in their 80's I continue to learn from their wisdom and thier ability to keep giving no matter what thier circumstances are.

    Two years ago my father was diagnosed with lung cancer. At 86 many people said that he lived a long life and didn't understand why he was going to have the surgery like his life wasn't worth fighting for because he was 86. My own boss was very mad because I put in for a leave of abcense to take care of him and my mom who he was taking care of at the time.

    I took the leave and ended up giving up my job and cashing in everything I had to continue to take care of my mom who needs a little more care then my dad can do by his self but the great news is he BEAT the cancer and for 88 is doing great.

    Even though things are very tough right now for me I am so thankful for everyday I have them and everything they teach me and show me evryday.

    2. I love your blog I have thought about doing something like this and I think you are doing a great job. So many people think that just because they call you a senior citizen that's it life's over and it's time to throw it in and forget about it but it's not and senior's have so much to give and so much living to do and your website shows that. I thank you for that and for your wonderful contest that will help seniors so much. wilcarvic

    the great news is he b

  41. my grandmother taught me to be patient, bad things will happen but they will pass.

    i love that you are giving to charity with your blog

    susansmoaks at gmail dot com

  42. 1. My mother-in-law was visiting one day as I complained about my kids' fingerprints all over the glass storm door. She told me, "Someday the fingerprints will be gone, and you'll wish they were there again."
    Her advice helped me appreciate the short time I have with my kids at home.

    2. I appreciate the diversity of people at It helps diffuse stereotypes of the elderly.

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  43. I am a senior myself now, but I paid more attention to what my mother advised me as I got older. I hope that my children take my advice the same way and in the same spirit in which it is given.

  44. My Grandmother meant the world to me as I spent much of my childhood in her company. She was an amazing woman and I sought out her advice throughout my young life. Sadly, she passed away eight years ago but her presence is always felt.

    I like that gives a lot of insight.

  45. @Atreau You made it before the deadline and I thank you much for contributing your thoughts to my first contest! Wooo Hoo! I find that more people are more impacted by a grandparent and that comes to show that their steps through life was very necessary to help the future generations.

  46. @tallcapp - I thank you so much for sharing. I created this site especially for seniors and to share all the tidbits you all love to share. You have so much wisdom because of all the things you've seen and experienced in life. I do hope to have you comment or share with me a little more about yourself in the future as a Senior Spotlight post! Let me know what's unique about you...something that people wouldn't expect coming from a senior. I would love to share it here! Many blessings to you! -Selena

  47. @nape Yeppo! Your mother-in-law is right because although I don't have any children, personally, I see my little neice and how fast she's growing. She is so beautiful. I am really overjoyed at the diversity of contributors to my first Contest because each of you are so special and I am overjoyed, again, to just read all that you all have to say. I can't wait for "The Giving Thanks Contest" coming in a few snappers! Stay Tuned, Nape! Many blessings to you. -Selena

  48. @leandrew Oh my goodness! Thank you for sharing and subscribing all over the place! You are awesome! I will tell anyone out there to always strive for the best in life and always believe in themselves because it is definitely enough room for everybody to shine if, indeed, they want it bad enough. ;) Thank you so much, leandrew! Many blessings to you! -Selena

  49. @FDP 4 Life - Your grandmother hit the nail on the head because I always wondered why the seniors I go and see to care for, have a low-tolerance level for worrying and to them things have happen for a reason. Lastly, when I decided to do this contest, I had to hit the giving button, it's only necessary. Thanks for the comment. Many blessings to you. -Selena

  50. @candy - Thank you so much for sharing your father's story of how he overcame the odd or the death sentence that the doctor and everyone was giving over to lung cancer. I am so happy to know that neither he nor you accepted "no" for a diagnosis. I would like to spotlight your father's journey through lung cancer and what made him fight through it. If that is alright with him, just send me an email to

  51. @Gaines7 - I can definitely relate to what you are saying because I am even more aware of what I eat now by working with my seniors. I have never been a dieting person or had problems with my weight, but hearing them repeatedly say,"Make sure to take care of your body because it gets tougher as you get older", was engrained in me. I am more aware of how my body is making me feel. I just naturally readjust my eating to how my body is making me one wants to feel uncomfortable and sluggish. It's just a way of life now. Wow! Many blessings to you! -Selena

  52. @Barbarawr - thank you so very much for sharing the hidden fear that most moms have about having children and being able to spread the love around. I know that you are a great mom! Every chance I get to speak with a senior, I jump right in because they love to share and I love to listen. It really special to know that a special word of wisdom came just a few doors down from you. Who would have known, right? Oh, yes, thank you for sharing your thoughts on the information on my site. Today I just participated in a Memory Walk for Alzheimers disease and picked up a wealth of resourceful information geared toward making senior living and recreation, easier. Stay tuned! Many blessings to you! -Selena