Saturday, October 23, 2010

Cooking Tip: How To Make Sure Your Soft-Boiled Egg Doesn't Leak the Good Stuff!

On Friday, I had the opportunity to help a great senior couple in their home with breakfast and other little household chores. However, what really motivated this post was the great, little, cooking tip given by Mrs. D., who does all the cooking since her husband, age 92, has been living with Alzheimer's Disease. Mrs. D. told me that when she was younger, she loved to cook and learned from a cooking school that in order to make sure that her soft-boiled eggs doesn't leak the white part of the egg, while being placed into the hot water, she puts a little lemon or lime in the water. The citrus from the lemon or lime keeps the egg whites from bubbling out of the eggs in case it is cracked during the boiling process! Wow, huh! I never knew that!

How do you make sure your soft-boiled egg doesn't leak the good stuff?

*Place a piece of LEMON or LIME in your boiling water

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