Saturday, October 9, 2010

"Thank You for Listening"

How many people can actually say they take the time to just listen? Personally, I can sometimes be a jumping bean full of thoughts, ideas, what-ifs, but there is one thing I can't get enough of and that's listening to my senior clients. On tonight I had the opportunity to spend some time with a Japanese client, Mrs. K, who is 90 something years old and was just needing someone to listen.

Seniors are smarter and even more alert than some think. They want to share their worries, concerns, and even get our opinions. All we have to do is give them some time and a chance to share. To see Mrs. K, laying there ready for bed and then out of nowhere begin to talk about how she felt about leaving her home to go into a rest home, she was so worried about where her furniture would go, her clothes, and even all the little things she wanted to give to some of her friends, but most of all she wouldn't have us to "spoil her" as we do (her caregivers). I was coming to tears inside just listening to her spill her worries and then letting her know that the rest home is actually a great option being that it would give her a chance to do activities with people of her age, she would go on outings, see some of her Japanese friends who are already there, and her family can still come by.

There was two things that made me tear even more inside....first, she asked me would I come visit her? I told her I sure would and I would love to....second, she said, "Thank you for listening to me."

I believe we all want someone to just listen. Communication in life between two parties, as intense as politics to relationships with family, friends, and others in general would be simply a wonderful learning experience.

Talk with you soon,

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