Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Stay Tuned! First LIVE Interview With 90 Year Old Viola Player!

Hello Everyone!

I am so EXCITED to soon share with you my very first, LIVE Interview, shooting/recording this weekend, with a Senior Citizen friend of mine who has literally found their new calling in life and use it today at age 90 years old.

Although his wife lives with the Alzheimers disease, it has not slowed down anything within their household. He has become a new man and it has forced him to learn new things and re-create himself even in his senior journey through life.

I hope this LIVE Interview will inspire and give you hope to understand, whether young or in your seasoned year, you can live your dreams!


With Love,


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  1. @Yllsa - I can't wait to share it! Two days before the big interview day!