Thursday, December 16, 2010

As Promised: LIVE Interview with Retired 90 Year Old Accountant, Now Viola Player!

Hello Everyone,

I have been busy preparing the first LIVE Interview for and can now announce that it is here and ready!

Two weeks ago, I had the special opportunity to sit down with, Mr. Ben Cott, a retired 90 year old accountant, now playing the viola, to see what inspired this drive in him. At 90 years old, I want to be as active and productive as he is. However, the reason why I had to share this with you is because, there are many people who are retiring soon and they have reached senior age. They may be wondering what it is out there beyond the job they held for so many years, that they could discover. Well, this gentleman speaks in the Interview below of how he came to find a new passion for the viola.

Take a listen and share you thoughts. If you are a member of Youtube, you can comment on this video as well. I believe Mr. Ben Cott would love to hear your positive feedback. Give A Little is our key focus going into the New Year, so don't forget to give positive feedback!

Happy Holidays!


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