Saturday, December 25, 2010

My Christmas Prayer to Senior Citizens All Around the World

          Dear Senior Citizens Around the World,
Well, it's that time of year again to share our happy memories, open gifts galore, and eat a great meal with the ones we love. I pray that all the senior citizens around the world have someone to share this special time with, if they celebrate Christmas.

It's also a day more than just about the gifts. It's really about love, caring, and support for one another regardless of age, color, status, or religion. It's about giving a BIG Happy Birthday to Jesus Christ, who, in Christianity celebrates on this very day of December 25th.

I hope and pray that all of the senior citizens have a warm place to be this holiday and there is food ready to be served to them. I pray that they are happy and comfortable in the stage of life they're in. I also hope and pray that they will have many more Christmas holidays to come, surrounded by good memories of what occurred today.
I do also pray for those in this life who don't remember as much, but breathe as we all do another day, sitting idle in the misty fog of Alzheimer's disease. I pray for those who are in the nursing facilities, wondering where their family is and how they are doing this Christmas. I even pray for the dogs and cats that keep them company on this holiday.  I pray for all of my fellow Veterans who have served in the U.S Military in combat and non-combat situations. Thank you...

I send this Christmas Prayer to all the senior citizens around the world for just being you...
With love,
Selena Brown

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