Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Senior Wisdom Video and Two (2) Whole Days Left for 'Give A Little in 2011' Giveaway

Hello Everyone!

The New Year is soon approaching and I thought that I should send you a senior Wisdom Video from some special senior citizens who showed how far they've come to help you prepare for the New Year of 2011!

And, here's a couple of my pointers to self and to you, for personal reflection time:

1. As we enter into this new year, let's take the time to focus on our own goals and dreams with fresh eyes, knowing that all things are possible. I can support this 100%! 
2. I pray that we understand how important it is for change to occur in our lives. We must go through planned and unexpected change, in order to reach the level where we were chosen to be. 
3. Lend a hand to someone who is of senior age in our life or a complete stranger. They would greatly appreciate it and remember that senior citizens have lived life long enough to know how to get through the little difficulties that we think are so major, but in reality are a piece of cake to resolve.
4. Make sure to give as much or more, this year, than we receive because it will go a long way when we really need a helping hand. I will be putting this into action on January 1st, so jump on board!
Now enjoy this YouTube Wisdom Video and also don't forget to enter our first act of giving in 2011, with the 'Give A Little in 2011' Giveaway, ENDING in TWO (2) WHOLE DAYS...Friday, December 31st, 11:59pm/EST!

Who knows, you may be one of the two (2) lucky winners to receive $100. understands that by giving a little to begin the year, it will come back 10x greater in so many different ways and also because it feels so good to share and make someone elses life a little easier.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!
Selena Brown

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