Monday, January 31, 2011

The Heartbeat of Love - written by Selena Brown

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The Heartbeat of Love
*written by Selena Brown

My eyes look into the distance 
at the blackened figure, protected by the Sun.

It has no urgency or intention to harm
it reaches for me and I become lost in its charm.

Tested by the power of its innocence and passion
makes me reach back with no real understanding that it's near.

I confuse my palpating organ as I continue to reach for the blackened figure
walking with strength and power of a new day towards me.

It wants me and only me and nothing can stop it from penetrating my body
which loses rest so often during the night
I breathe, the breath of renewal. I breathe.

It reaches me and stands before me in a protected cocoon, made by the Sun.
It knows my name, my intention, and mostly how to satisfy my deeply-enriched desires.

I feel us become one and with one touch, we become engulped in endless passion,
passion that no one can experience, but us.

We are one and with one touch we made love in the Sun.
The Heartbeat of Love.

Author Note: 
poem written by Selena Brown
*do not use without prior written consent

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