Sunday, February 13, 2011

New! Coupon Gallery and Coupon Codes

I decided to wait until Sunday to announce the new addition of our Coupon Gallery and Coupon Codes to because I know how so many of you are into COUPONS and may be clipping them from your Sunday paper as I write this! YAY!

Nowadays it's really becoming important to use coupons for anything from produce to beauty products and if you are a grandparent babysitting your grand-kids, diapers too. I have been looking into different resourceful companies and thought has a large assortment of coupons and even coupon codes. It's easy to use and you and I can print them right from the screen with no hassle of waiting for the Sunday newspaper to arrive. However, there are probably some good ones in there too. :D

You can start saving with coupons and coupon codes anytime you visit by clicking on the 'Coupons Gallery and Coupon Codes tab at the top of our blog. 

We hope you will comment and tell us how much you are saving and how it is helping you be a more resourceful shopper. 

They even provide a tally of how much money you are saving and how many coupons you have clipped! You can also search your zip code in the box provided to see what coupons are for your area. I want to make this a one-stop shop for my old folks and their family and friends alike. So, thank you for stopping by and choosing

So have fun and start COUPONING NOW

Happy Savings, 

Selena Brown

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