Wednesday, March 9, 2011

85% Off Vistaprint Thinking Green Postcards and Business Cards!

As we continue our Go Green in March campaign, I came across Vistaprint Go Green Postcards and Business Cards for 85% Off

250 Recycled Paper Business Cards $4.75.
I love Vistaprint and use them for all of my stationary needs because you're practically getting a lot of things for Free and you just pay for shipping. I buy car magnet, my postcards for special holidays or celebrations and they have so many designs to choose from.
 If you are a senior citizen or a family member of one, you may be thinking of starting a business or getting the word out about something you are passionate about. Vistaprint is a great resource to have to get your marketing materials for a very reasonable price and in good quality. You will seriously save more money by using Vistaprint. I am a personal testimony to that! 

So Enjoy!


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