Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fools For Books Giveaway April 1 - 2 ONLY

Sometimes I just run across the best Giveaway news and have to share this one with you. I find that most of my senior citizens love to spend their time reading a good book. This Giveaway will be a great chance for my senior citizens and their families to win a great book prize or maybe more than one prizes!

There are 200+ blogs that have submitted in this Giveaway Hop to bring your 200+ chances to WIN! All you have to do is visit the blog, I AM A READER, NOT A WRITER giveaway post and click on the linked blogs to enter each giveaway at the respective blogs. 

This Fools For Books Giveaway is only for two (2) days, Friday, April 1 and Saturday, April 2 ONLY!  

Make sure to check back here to get the correct link to I AM A READER, NOT A WRITER's giveaway post!

GOOD LUCK! I will definitely be joining in on the fun!

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1 comment:

  1. Selena,
    Thanks for posting about the giveaway hop.

    There are always some really great book giveaways going on... but they are often hard to find. By linking up book giveaways through a giveaway hop it allows people to easily find and enter multiple giveaways. It's really just a numbers game. If you enter enough book giveaways you will win. My mailbox is proof of that!