Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Inspiration - Rain

Hello Readers,

It's Sunday and raining like 'cats and dogs' here in Los Angeles, CA, but it is a very good day. As I look out my window and notice how the rain is saturating the grass, leaves on the trees, and mountains in the background, I can't help but say 'THANK YOU' . Without the gift of rain on earth, how "would" there be continual growth and human existence. The earth, in its quiet little way, gives us special gifts that keep us living peacefully and attempts to constantly clean up our mess from pollutants, trash, and more.
Photo by getwired

I was talking with a senior citizen on yesterday about earthquakes and how the Earth is reacting to all of the changes we are giving it to deal with. I came to the conclusion that the Earth is doing nothing but trying to accommodate all of the bad components we are giving it. In everything that we give the Earth to survive on, it has been pretty understanding. However, sometimes it becomes even too much for the Earth to bear and it must cause a ruckus. How would we know to listen, if the Earth didn't give us warnings or signals?

As I watch the rain continue to saturate the grass, leaves on the trees, and mountains in the background, I am thankful because the Earth saw it best on this Sunday, in Los Angeles, CA, to clean up our mess and begin the journey once again to produce growth.

Your Sunday Inspiration - Rain,

Selena Brown

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