Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Motivation: Get Up and Go


Personally, I know how hard it can feel for a senior citizen to get up and go. In my line of work as a senior caregiver, I spend my time getting clients up to start their day and it can be tough on them. There are aches and pains, where there were none yesterday, the brain becomes a machine of it's own, when managing thoughts and ideas, and sometimes it even becomes hard to eat because the taste buds just don't feel up to the dance. However, I do believe that no matter how bad some of my senior's may feel in their bodies, they still put on their best attire and get up and go. They may take a little bit longer to brush their teeth or put on their shoes, but they get up and go.
To open your eyes today was an opportunity for you and a gift to someone who needed to hear from you on today. As you watch the news today on the television or read the Monday newspaper headlines, you will see how lucky you are to have the opportunity to get up and go. I hope that your week will be peaceful and full of positive-minded people. You are so worth the best because you are the best! Have a great Monday and I'll speak with you soon. ~Selena

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