Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday Motivation: Picking Up Where We Left Off

Monday Motivation: Picking Up Where We Left Off


Welcome to another Monday Motivation and I thought it would be interesting to touch on the importance of 'Picking Up Where We Left Off'. When Friday arrives, some of us seem to take our work home and by Monday feel so bent out of shape that we don't know where to start and how to begin a "new week". We surround ourselves with so many work responsibilities that we don't see how we can possible take a break and live a little during the weekend to prepare for another Monday. Everything in some of our lives are merged into one huge cloud, which ultimately becomes our demise or suppressors.

So, how can we begin Picking Up Where We Left Off on Friday to begin this new week beginning Monday for most? I would recommend finding a hobby or something that you have always wanted to do, but didn't know how the time would compliment the endeavor and just do it! NIKE says it best! Some activities like this may include: salsa dancing lessons, hiking, skiing, attending a book club or festival, going to see a movie, or just listening to meditation on a CD in a part of your home where you can be one with yourself.

As we get older and reach retirement and our bodies begin to change, we have to realize our new limitations. These limitations can hinder our travel, sporting endeavors, and even the emotional desire to do anything. If we as busy folks take the time off to have a release party on our own days off, we will be a lot more inclined to produce better results in our occupations or other jobs alike. We will have the drive and ambition to go another full week and not reach burn-out by Wednesday because we worked so much on Sunday. 

So, as an exercise for you and me, after work this Friday, lets take some time to do some activity that we have always wanted to do and/or explore. By doing this we will release unnecessary stress and empower our minds and bodies to begin on Monday, picking up where we left off.

Have a safe week and explore the impossible,

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