Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday Inspiration: You're Doing Just Fine

Sunday Inspiration: You're Doing Just Fine


I hope you're having a great Easter and Sunday in general. We are here again, in one piece, to celebrate another Sunday Inspiration. Today's Sunday Inspiration is to let you know that 'You're Doing Just Fine'.

Many times when we think we're about to fall off the deep end of life, there is always something that comes into our lives to remind us that 'We're Doing Just Fine'. I, myself, have hiccups and shortcomings that question my hopes and dreams, but when I get into my quiet place and assess how far I've come, there is a wake up call inside of me that said, Selena, You're Doing Just Fine.

We can't predict every roadblock. We can't predict every natural disaster. We can't predict every thunder-cloud. However, we can always hold on to the hope that there is something higher than ourselves available to us for immediate access when we don't know what in the world is going on and why.

When devastation hits, we wonder, 'Why is this happening to me?" and What did I do to deserve this?, but if you're able to speak those words after the devastation, then you were one of the chosen ones. You were chosen to live another day to share positive words of encouragement and speak mighty transformations into other people's lives in the same situation. We are bodies of hope, with a powerful tool of the tongue, to use wisely and with grace.

So when you think that all hope is lost or you just don't know how your going to pay your bills, where the money is going to come from, how am I going to pay the medical bills, or why does it always seem like 'stuff' is coming my way; go to your quiet place and think back over your life and then speak into yourself these words, I'm Doing Just Fine and truly believe it because 'You're Doing Just Fine'.

Happy Easter and God Bless,

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