Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I Received $2.00 Off Purina Cat Chow! (Coupon Wednesday)

I'm finding that more and more shoppers are using coupons and that's not all, they are finding their own deals directly from online vendors. These online vendors are providing money-saving shoppers many affordable deals by providing them the items they are looking for and making it easier for them to get access by providing printing-from-home capabilities. 

Just last week, I printed off from my Coupons and Codes tab, a coupon for Purina Cat Chow. I have three (3) cats and boy can they eat! I have to shop around for the best deals and when I see a coupon for $2.00 Off on a huge 16lb. bag of Indoor Formula Purina Cat Chow, I'm in! I just printed it off and BAM! SAVINGS JUST LIKE THAT!

You can print coupons right from the Coupons and Codes tab, here on The Old Folks Know Best. Also do a search on your own zip code for even more savings.

It's definitely almost time for a shopping trip run for my three (3) kitty cats, so I know where I will be headed to seek out another great Indoor Formula Purina Cat Chow coupon! 

CLICK HERE to go directly to our Coupons and Codes and print them directly from your computer!

We would love to hear how much you were able to save or any insider savings tips you have, so leave your comments!

Have a very special Coupon Wednesday!

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