Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Kroger Shopper? 2 for $1 Nestle Candy!!!!!

Well, I was wondering through my favorite hot spot, WeUseCoupons and found a great post for all of our Kroger Shoppers! Right now you can get 2 for $1 Nestle Candy and here's how from the insider forum conversations from 5/10/11:

Well I went to kroger tonight and found a nice surprise nestle candy was 2 for $1 which means free with the coupon that came out in the 5/1 insert. They had butterfingers babyruth and crunch bars all for 2 for $1 so I loaded up there perfect for lunches for the hubby . Got 28 full size candy bars for .14 I am a happy woman lol..
So, if you have your Sunday inserts, look for the coupons to get you an even lower amount off on your Nestle Candy at your local Kroger. I know that Kroger is also a family supermarket with Ralphs, which is also in my area. I will be looking into this myself! 

Happy Shopping,

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