Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday Motivation: Osama Bin Laden Dead and A Tragedy Now Rests in Peace

Monday Motivation: Osama Bin Laden Dead and A Tragedy Now Rests in Peace


It's always a blessings to have the chance to speak with you, but today's Monday Motivation means so much more for many across this great United States of America and abroad. 

On yesterday, I learned, as many of you, that Osama Bin Laden was found and is now dead, but this is not the only good news. We are also able to begin putting the pieces back together in our own lives after the many tragic losses of September 11th. We can now allow ourselves a chance to put a tragedy once stained in our memory on a daily basis, to a rest for moments in our memories. We are able now to allow our loved ones the chance to rest in peace and carry on their legacy and purpose that they so wanted for us. 

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It is not good that any man should die, but the fruits that Osama Bin Laden produced were his fate. I hope we all will learn from this event that we are all must pay a price for our actions and some actions cannot be corrected with a slap on the wrist or imprisonment. Although we have those measures in place, there are some who choose to want to die instead of paying for their crimes committed. 

As I look back on where I was and what I was doing on September 11th. I was on Active Duty in the United States Army, just a couple of miles from the Pentagon and realized that it is a true blessing that God gave me another day to live and be able to share this moment with you. It is also a blessing to see the Navy Seal team coming together and working as a unit to get this mission accomplished. Outstanding job!

In closing, we must love one another and do good deeds for one another. However, we will always remember this day in the backs of our minds as the day that all the newspaper headlines read in their own ways: Osama Bin Laden is Dead

A Tragedy Now Rests in Peace.
Selena Brown

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  1. I am also a vet, my husband is still in and both of our families are FULL of military.... today was a good day.

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