Friday, June 10, 2011

HealtheFolk Friday: Water Aerobics for Senior Citizens

Welcome to another HealtheFolk Friday where today we will share with you the benefits of Water Aerobics. I was with a friend on yesterday and she loves sharing all the fun activities that she's apart of and she is in her 60s and absolutely loves her water aerobics class every week.

I have heard a lot of about this type of exercise and how it is a lot more easier for senior citizens to work out their muscles.  Here are also some benefits to water aerobics:
Water Exercise is especially suited to:
- people attempting to regain strength and flexibility after an injury or surgery,
- sedentary people just starting an exercise program,
- individuals wanting to lose weight and gain muscle tone,
- fitness enthusiasts and athletes seeking to maintain or increase their fitness level, and
- aquatic therapists and exercise instructors looking to expand their knowledge of water exercise.

I found a great video explaining the benefits of water aerobics for senior citizens, which you can watch here or below this post!  

The summer is almost officially here in a couple more weeks, so if you're into staying fit or getting fit, I would recommend finding your local YMCA or community pool where there are classes and get started! I'm going to go myself along with my friend to experience it for myself! YAY!

To a healthier you in 2011,

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