Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Inspiration: People for a Season or Lifetime

It is always a pleasure to meet new people. We are the people who make the world go round. We each possess so much wisdom and are fortunate enough to have different experiences to share with others. However, as I have gotten older and will be one year older this coming Thursday, June 9th, I have realized that people come into our lives for a season or a lifetime. 

Those people who are like winter, spring, summer, and fall, possess the answers to the questions that we need answered. They also help us to get over some obstacle or overcome some experience in our life. Then there are our lifetime circle of friends who come in and stay in and never let go even if they are all the way across the country or in another country. They are our lifetime partners or supporting fans. 

As we continue to get older and our look changes, our hair becomes grey or blonde, and we step into a new phase of life, we really discover who those people in our lives really were and why they were around in the first place. 

For this Sunday Inspiration, I wanted to share a very pleasant video brought to you by on how people come into your life for a reason. 

I hope it will open your eyes to the people you have in your life, currently. I hope you will ask yourself why they are there and those that are needing to leave your life, why you are still holding on to them when they should be freed. We are loved always by God and know that he wants the best for you at any age in life, you are presently. 

Thank you for being apart of my life,

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