Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Inspiration: You Were Created Perfect

It is truly a wonder how we are all different. We all come from different cultures and have different ways of understanding. When we were born from the womb of our mothers, we were created perfect in God's eyes. He created us for His ultimate purpose and sometimes that purpose can seem hard to find and even understand. 

As we go through the stages of childhood to our teenage years and then to the final stage of adulthood, we begin to adopt the practices, traditions, and mentality of our family and others with whom we associate ourselves. However, ultimately, we were created by God and created perfect. 

The media, your friends, and some of your family, at times, may make you believe that you are not perfect in the skin you're in. You may think that you have to improve your face, your hips, your stomach and even your personality, but no, we were created perfect by God.

Personally, I find it a great pleasure to be among different cultures. I learn how they think, their perceptions of others and how really similar we are when it comes to sharing our love, joy, peace, and even spiritual hopes with each other. It is truly something to marvel as I drive or walk the streets and see us as humans living our own purpose and sharing our hopes and dreams with others. 

On this Sunday, I pray that you will look in the mirror at yourself and see how beautiful and handsome you are in the skin you're in. The human body you were created with is a blessing from God. The shade of skin, the wrinkles on your face which shows how seasoned you are, the love for life that you exhibit in your smile and the eyes, nose and lips, with which you use to help other identify you, are perfect.

I know it may seem hard at times to accept who you are with all the noise in the atmosphere, but know that there is only One who loves you more than anything. He is the ultimate provider as well as the ultimate answer to all your prayers and struggles. He created you for His purpose and know that with any handicap you may feel that you have, He can use you with that. If there is a limb missing that you feel shy of, know that He is ready to use you as a voice for his purpose. 

Remember, you were created perfect.

Have a blessed Sunday,

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