Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Inspiration:Transformation in You

Sometimes its hard to smile when you feel pain in your body or aches in your bones. You wonder how in the world will you get through the day. Your mind wants to work overtime to get chores around the house completed, but your body says, "NO WAY!". 

Personally, I know how it feels to be under the weather, we all do at some point in our lives, but we should not let it become who we are. Today, instead of letting the pain in my head from sinuses give me a bad day, through it all, I smile. 

Take some time today and ask yourself these questions. I do believe that when we ask ourselves the right questions, the answers do appear. They may not be what you want them to be, but you ultimately receive the truth and that is what begins the healing process. 

So ask yourself:
1. What am I going through today that's creating havoc in my life?

2. How am I letting it affect me in a negative way?

3. What kind of affects is it having on the people around me, whom I love dearly (children, grandchildren, girlfriends, tennis buddies, etc.)?

Remember, we allow things to create the person we are at any given moment. How can we turn these situations or problems around to work in our favor? 

Now, it's time to restate your issues at hand in a more productive manner:
1. What am I to learn from this problem or situation? 

2. How can this pain, lack of, or vulnerable moment create in me a better person or voice for others?

Sunday Inspiration
Today, find the Transformation in You:

Have a blessed day,

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