Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Checking Grocery Store for Meat Markdowns

Checking your Store for Meat Markdowns
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When I tell people that we rarely spend more than $50.00 a week on groceries, they always respond with, "But that doesn't include your meat does it?" I have a two part answer to that. "Yes and No!" We hit meat markdowns as often as we need to in order to fill our freezers! Sometimes we might spend more if we have hit a huge markdown. Sometimes we can go weeks without buying meat and still have it every night for dinner.

I know the approximate time my store is marking down meat. Between 4:00 pm-5:00 pm in the afternoons, and again the next morning between 8:30 am-9:30 am. There are usually always two markdowns before my store has to remove the meat from being sold. Sometimes the first markdown is okay but the second markdown, if you are willing to wait, is the one that has meat reduced to around 60% off.

What can you get in meat markdowns? Anything the meat department sells! Chicken, pork chops, roasts, steaks, you name it, and you can find it on meat markdown. The key is when you see it, spend the money to go ahead and buy extra packs, throw it in the freezer, then soon you will have plenty of meat to choose from week to week. Being married to a meat and potatoes guy, we have meat on our table every night. With two deep freezers, we have lived off of our meat stockpile for three months without ever having to buy meat during that time. Read More Here...

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