Sunday, July 31, 2011

Crying Changes Things (Sunday Inspiration)

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In our society, we have learned that crying is a sign of weakness and is accepted by women and looked down upon for men. Our men must learn to hold inside of themselves their disappointments, losses and feelings of hurt, in order to protect their manhood. However, I am here to tell you that crying changes things. 

If you have ever been through something so life-changing that you couldn't do anything to avoid. It is alright to cry. 

If you feel yourself being smothered by the fire of life, with no way of escaping. It is alright to cry. 

If you have ever lost a loved one or a family member who made up the best part of your life, then you know what it feels like to shed that tear. 

Crying is a way to renew the spirit and begin the process of beginning again. When you allow yourself the time to cry and face what is bother you, within, you're giving your body, mind, and spirit, permission to let it go and help you to move forward.

As one gets older and lives longer, it can be tear-jerking to see people who you were in high school, college, or on the job with, die before your eyes. There are many senior citizens each day who find themselves living well into their 90s and have watched their friends pass on. They are left alone, but they are able to live on and remember the good times because they have made peace with their losses. 

Just as a child cries to seek comfort, food, changing, or attention, we as adults must learn to use our tears as a comforting measure to get us back on track with our lives. 

I have learned in my own life that crying changes things. I have learned that I am not too old or too prideful to shed my tears for a better understanding of who I am. I am bold enough to cry for a better world and for communities of people to live, but live also in unity. I have also learned that crying is also a great way to just say thank you to God for all the goodness that he provides to myself and those who are around me. 

In closing, for this Sunday Inspiration, I hope that you will begin to make a personal investment in yourself and who you are. I am believing that you will begin the process of healing your spirit from the losses, misfortunes, disappointment, and pains of the past, in order to begin your new walk of purpose in this life.

Have a great Sunday and until next time, blessings to you.

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