Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday Motivation: Hardwork "Pays" Off

As we all know, in this economy, we all have to work a little bit harder and learn a little bit more. It is even becoming more important for the senior citizen population to work even after retirement. However, where this all becomes satisfying is how much hard work "pays" off. 

To have fun, retire comfortably, and become wealthy beyond your own imagination, requires a commitment to self that many of us just do not have the ability to sustain. We want to be wealthy and accomplish big things, or live comfortably after retirement, but we falter on the opportunities provided to us when we secretly asked for them.

Along with my busy schedule I sometimes enjoy a good book. I know one of my senior clients who reads a book or novel a day. She finds complete pleasure in reading a great book so when I was wandering through the library and went to the personal development section, just to see what was there and came up with gold, I was just as satisfied!

I would recommend this book to anyone who is lost and trying to find out how to put all of their hard work into a position to create wealth. T. Harv Eker has helped thousands of people of all ages with their roadblocks that causes them to lose their direct path to wealth and their greatness. He doesn't sugar-coat anything and tells you like it is. If you want to begin to get out of debt, attract wealth into your life, rekindle positive relationships into your life, or just want to be a millionaire or more for the greater good of life, then this will be the book for you to begin reading and applying to your life TODAY!

I really like to practice what I preach, so I've finished reading the entire book a couple of days ago during the Carmageddon, here in Los Angeles, CA. I can report that today, I am attracting more work into my life, which will allow money to work for me and me not work for money, mindset and views on money have changed to the point that I understand that in order to help others and be a person of purpose, I must have money to make things happen in this life. I am even more inspired to declare what I want and speak it as if it is already here. I encourage each of you in the stage of life that you are currently, to go to your local library or bookstore online, and purchase or borrow this book called, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker. Then once you have read it through and begin to apply the steps he lays out in the book, leave a comment within this post of your progress.

It is now time for us as individuals to come together to create the life, the jobs, the opportunities, the retirement, the relationships, that we so desire. There is no need to wait for anyone to give you anything or do anything for you because you are being supplied the tools within this book. So, go get it and share with us here, how you have started to see changes within your life.

I look forward to hearing about your transformations and how hardwork "pays" off within your life.  -Selena Brown

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