Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday Motivation: Wake Up Call

By Selena Brown

I don't know if this is a Monday Motivation to plant a seed of change or a wake up call to invoke change. As we see our world and all the conflicts that go on in it each and every day, it may cross your mind whether anyone even cares. If no one speaks about the problems that are right in front of us in our communities, the lack of funding for education, the child's play going on among the politicians, and the earth's cries because of how we are treating it, then we are dead already.

Have you ever stopped to wonder how much pressure we are putting on our earth with all of the contaminants, pollutions, and atmospheric toxins. The earth is where we live and what keeps up safe from the hindrances of beyond, but the Earth itself will one day get tired of the antics and desire to repair itself once and for all. It will clean up our mess as it does today via volcanoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and other natural disasters. It will continue to clean up our mess until one day we realize that the mess includes mankind.

When will the decision-makers of our day realize that it is more serious problems in our world than who will win the next White House Presidential Election or how much money they can funnel through an election campaign to evoke their winning candidate. Some day all this will not matter at all because we will cease to exist because our focus was on the wrong things and not on the very thing that keeps us alive.

For this Monday Motivation, I have chosen to share this 5 minute video from a young lady who voiced her feelings of what our Earth is becoming and how our actions and the actions of our politicians are destroying the existence that we rely on to survive.

If we don't begin to listen, we will cease to exist because we are just a small part of a larger component called Earth. The Earth has removed species of dinosaurs, civilizations, and other inhabitants before that we are finding in our scientific discoveries, so why must we think that we are any different.

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