Monday, July 4, 2011 on Independence Day 2011- Your Monday Motivation

Flag 4 by tome213
Wow! This is a very special Monday Motivation because it's a time to celebrate our Independence Day as a country. So many of our senior citizens have fought in wars for our country and have paid their dues so that we can be free and an Independent Nation under God.

I hope that as you come together with your family and friends, watch fireworks, eat barbecue, and just take in the celebrations, you remember how far we've come. 

There may be trials and tribulations in our lives. There may be times when we wonder if our voices are heard. There even may be moments where we question our own existence, but know that above all, you are apart of a free and protected nation compared to other countries who experience bombings, life-threatening raids, and catastrophic occurrences, daily, which really puts the meaning of life in a whole new perspective. 

"Believe in freedom for all people and have a very special Independence Day in this 2011 year, from!" -Selena Brown

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