Friday, April 27, 2012

Safety Equipment for Older Adults - HealtheFolk Friday

HealtheFolk Friday Working with older adults, you soon realize how important safety equipment is for the home and outside of the home.

For this HealtheFolk Friday, I have listed the Safety Equipment for Older Adults that I know, from personal experience, really makes a difference.

All Safety Equipment listed below are provided by Ez2Care and can be purchased through any link below provided by Amazon.

Ez2care Deluxe Padded Seat Rollator with Storage Box, Red

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This is a rollator, which is a very reliable piece of safety equipment when an older adult still has the ability to walk on their own, but need a little more security than a cane. If they are taking a stroll in the park or through a local market and get tired very easily, they can sit on the seat provided to rest. There is also a little storage compartment as well. It is also much easier to close up and put into my automobile. It gets two thumbs up from me!

Product Features
*Easily installed and provide support up to 250 pounds
*Aluminum anodized structure ensures maximum strength while remaining   lightweight
*Storage compartment under the comfortable padded seat
*Ergonomically designed handle brakes are comfortable and easy to use

Ez2care Deluxe Raised Toilet Seat with Removable Arms and Lock

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When you decided on the toilet for your home, I don't think you thought about how high or low it should be or will you be able to sit down on it safely as you got older. Well, if you're like most of us, you will probably need a raised toilet seat. These are great because they give the older adult more security as they stand up and sit down. They can be removed easily and installed easily as well. This is another must-have!
Product Features
*Heavy duty molded plastic structure provides strength and durability
*Foam padding extends to the entire armrest to provide extra comfort while in use
*Ideal for those who cannot adapt to regular toilet height due to injuries
*Fits round toilets
*Easy to install

Ez2care Bathtub Rail, White

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I truly believe if older adults are left alone, in their homes, to shower or bathe themselves it is necessary for them to have bathtub rails or shower rails. They really help to avoid slips and falls in the bathroom

Product Features 
*Easily installed on the side of the bathtub
*Supports up to 250 pounds
*Provides stability moving in and out of the bathtub
*Clamp adjusts from 3" to 6'', accommodates most bathtubs

 Have A Safe Weekend!

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