Wednesday, August 1, 2012

How To Print the #Coupons I Post.

I have been posting coupons on The Old Folks Know Best for a while now and wonder if you know actually how to print the new coupons I receive for you. In order to print the New! Coupon Updates I receive from, you have to install on your desktop computer their simple, The Coupon Printer application. 

1. CLICK HERE to see this screenshot below and choose which type of computer you have, PC or Mac. 

2. After you have chosen which computer you have, a PC or MAC, you will see a popup window or bar at the bottom of your screen, if you use Google Chrome, with the file to click and begin the download. You want to accept the install by clicking YES! :)

3. Once the quick install is complete, go to one of the coupons on my site here and click on it to take you to recent coupons and select as many as you would like. Then press the red Print Coupons button. 

4. Your coupons will be processed to print to your computer.

5. Here's what my coupons look like once I got them off my printer! YAY!

I hope this helps you a little better to take advantage of all these great coupons. I have a Coupon Center at the Print Your Coupons Here! tab at the top of my blog, for you to use to stay updated on the coupons in your area. 

Save. Save. Save & Print from Home.

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