Friday, September 28, 2012

'Grab Life by the Tale' #Book #Giveaway! (Open Worldwide.) Ends: 10/13/12, 11:59PM/EST

The Old Folks Know Best is so excited to introduce author George Simon and his book giveaway for Grab Life by the Tale. George loves to write short stories on aging, while poking fun at how interesting the journey is once you open yourself to it. To celebrate his book launch, we are having a Book Giveaway! 

There will be three (3) winners and each winner will receive a copy of his new book.

About the Book

Grab Life by the Tale is a collection of short stories about the personal experiences of the author, George Simon, during the aging period: the good, the bad, the funny and the sad. It’s an easy read for people of senior age who have little time to read and wish to get the most enjoyment from the time available. The stories are written with the ingenuity and humor of a pixie and they run the gamut to make you think, laugh, or cry. If you make the time, you are bound to experience all of them. Treat yourself. Take a few minutes and enjoy this most pleasant array of short stories.
Book Excerpts:
Short Story: There comes a time
“I was aware of my age and physical condition; however, what transpired today took me by surprise. For the first time in my life, I felt old. No one can foresee it coming, but there comes a day, unannounced, when something happens to trigger a set of circumstances that not only convinces you that you are getting old, but that you have arrived.”  
Short Story: Let’s do it
“I began to think, This is not good for two elderly persons, both in the high eighties with their sights set on reaching ninety. No doctor in his right mind would recommend what we were about to do. It was childish and foolish, but the expectations and the heartbeats began to rise with each passing moment.”

About the Author

George Simon is a lecturer and writer of short stories and a few years back was the “cover boy” for the American Heart Association. He finds joy in life by poking fun at aging and its problems and has his own ideas of how to approach the so-called golden years. George is also an inventor who, on December 1967, was invited to the White House by President Lynden Johnson for his patented fire resistant mattress which enabled Congress to pass the “Flammable Fabrics Act”.
“George’s stories about “His Adventures in aging” have captivated his classmates in our Life Story Writing group for many years. He tells it like it is, infusing his stories with a big, tough-love dose of facing reality, mischievous humor, and heartfelt pathos. As George takes us on suspenseful journeys, we never know where we will land, only that we will be surprised, inspired, and delighted.”  ~Jeanette Shelburne, Instructor, Life Story Writing class

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Disclaimer: The Old Folks Know Best is not responsible for the delivery of the books to each winner. The names of the winners will be given to Trafford Publishing for George Simon and they will mail or email the ebooks out to their respective locations.

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