Friday, August 2, 2013

BzzAgent Review: How to Get Kroger #Free Friday Grocery Items - Limited Time Only! Starting Today!

The Old Folks Know Best is super excited to share the Kroger Free Friday Product Download event. Being a BzzAgent, I get the opportunity to join in great campaigns from brands to spread buzz about their new products, services, or upcoming products. This time, it's a very exciting one when you can Pick Up a Free item every Friday!

Here's How To Become A BzzAgent


To become a BzzAgent is pretty simple.

1. Visit their official website at
2. Create an account.
3. Complete short surveys so they can invite you to join product campaigns that will suit you best.
4. Increase your BzzScore, which will get you more campaigns to join by adding your social networking sites so they can see how popular you are among your peers. You can add your Facebook, Twitter, Mypoints account, and Grocery Store Club card info.

BzzAgent Review: Kroger Free Friday Downloads & First Free Grocery Item Purchased!

I've always had a Ralphs Rewards card and use it every time I shop at Ralphs. I was very interested in knowing how items can be added to your rewards card and then used to go grocery shopping. I think it's more convenient than carrying around a book of coupons, which I know some amazing couponers do this and very well. Seriously, I don't have the time in the week to just sit and physically clip coupons. I can say that I do love saving money and coupons are the way to go if I'm going to get the best extension of my dollars. So, this Kroger campaign, was a great way for me to see how to save even more money.

I created the video below to walk you through how I downloaded my first free item and how you can download other coupons right to your Kroger Rewards card from your online account and then use it at your local Kroger grocery store.

I went to Ralphs to get the FREE Colgate toothpaste item that I downloaded to my account online. I also ended up buying other breakfast items that I use often like: Soy Milk, two boxes of cereal, and some bottles of 100% juices. I decided to use the self-checkout to complete my transaction. Once I scanned all of the items in my basket, I pressed the Checkout button and the price of the Colgate was reduced to $0 and noted on my receipt as "eCpn Colgate". It was very simple and easy. I didn't need anything else but my Ralphs Reward card I keep on my key chain.

Received this Colgate Toothpaste 4.6oz for Last Free Friday's Kroger Download

eCpn is shown on your grocery receipt 
I look forward to downloading the next item today, Friday, August 2nd, between the hours of 12:00AM/PST and 11:59PM/PST and the following Fridays thereafter for the next month or so.

Here's How To Get Started and Get Your Free Item(s)
1. Every Friday, Go to to download a totally FREE product from your local store*

2. Sign in to your account online to download the digital coupon (don’t worry, if you don’t already have an account online with The Kroger Co. Family of Stores, it’s easy to create one from the link provided above)

3. Head to your local store to redeem your coupon! Just be sure to do so within two weeks of downloading, or the offer will expire.

4. Enjoy your FREE product!

*Please note: Free Friday Downloads may not be available every week at all stores. Please check to see if your store offers that week’s digital coupon.

Set An Alarm for Your Next Free Friday item from Kroger and get Todays item :
August 2, 2013
12:00AM/PST thru 11:59PM/PST

(Must use your coupon within 2 weeks of its download)

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