Wednesday, August 26, 2015 #Eyeglasses #SunglassesReview and 50% Off Coupon Code Inside! Eyeglasses and Sunglasses Review and Coupon Codes

The Old Folks Know Best had the opportunity to try some prescription eyeglasses and/or sunglasses from the GlassesShop.comIt is always a plus when we can bring our senior citizens and their families a very special offer that will benefit them and their everyday life. 

Many senior citizens live on a calculated budget and require more affordable options for food, medications, and healthcare, but what about their eyeglasses?That's why provides quality frames at affordable prices, in many different styles, with your prescription added too! Whether you need prescription eyeglasses for reading, arts and crafts, distance or nearsightedness, your online order is processed and shipped right to your door. Just make sure to provide your correct prescription and PD (pupillary distance), given by your Ophthalmologist or Optometrist. In addition, if you would like to order a pair of sunglasses instead or alongside your prescription eyeglasses order, it can also be processed completely online. 

My Sunglasses Review
I decided to select one of the frames for some sunglasses since I am preparing for a 7-Day Cruise in September. The sunglasses that I purchased at the beginning of the summer were glasses that I bought at the very last minute from a discount store, to have something to protect my eyes from the sun. Every time that I put them on, they would slide off my face. It just became too uncomfortable at times while driving, so, I wore them 60% of the time this summer. With that not-so-good experience, I was really looking forward to trying a new pair that looked great, had nice quality, was affordable, but also stayed on my face.

My Online Shopping Experience

First, I created an account at That was pretty fast and simple. I noticed at the top of their website that they provided customer service support with a Toll Free Number, Monday to Friday (EST) 10AM - 5PM or Live Chat, if you had any questions when placing your order(s) online. 

Across the top of their website they really do a great job of narrowing down their prescription eyeglasses versus their sunglasses. They all come in many different shapes and styles to fit your particular face shape. I spent some time, looking through their NEW frames and even frames On Sale, until I found a couple that I thought would fit my face shape and personal style. Once I chose a couple of frames that I liked, I added them to My Favorites, in my account. 

Then, I suddenly thought, how will I know if a particular frame will fit my face and even look right on me? 

That's when I saw 'TRY ON' in the lower right corner of each box, for each particular frame. 

Once I clicked on this link, it took me to a user-friendly tool on their website, where I could upload a picture of myself or take one with my webcam. Then I had to line up my pupils in the photo which would help their software, when choosing different frames to try on. It would make sure that the frames would cover my eye area correctly. I could then actually see how a particular frame would sit on my face in my straight-on, looking, photo! How cool is that?! 

They also have example photos of two females and a male, if you want to use their faces instead, to see how a frame would look.

The tool really helped me to narrow down my options and to see which frames actually were not right for my face shape. In the end, I finally chose the frame for my sunglasses.

Once I had selected my frame, first, I could have chosen to receive the Frame Only, but I wanted to Select a Lens, so I went with No Prescription-Plano. They had three options to choose from: Single Vision (For Distance, For Computer, or For Reading), Multifocal (Bifocal - With a Line, Progressive - No Line, or Free-Form Digital Progressive - No Line), and Fashion (No Prescription - Plano, Sunglasses or Fashion Only, or Frame Only). 

Second, if I did have a eyeglasses prescription, I could enter it according to which option I chose in the first step.

Third, I chose my Len Color, which I went with Tint and 60% Gray. You can choose any shade you would like. They also had other options to include: Clear Lens (Standard Lens Protective Coatings), Photochromic ((Light-adjusting), Transitions), or Polarized (Glare Reflection Ideal for Driving).

Fourth, I selected my Lens Thickness. I went with the Standard (1.50), but there were even more options (up to As Thin As Possible (1.74)).

Fifth and Last, was the Lens Coating. Since these were sunglasses, I wanted them to have Anti-Scratch Coating, which was free, Anti-Reflective Coating, and UV Coating. 

After completing each step and choosing my options, I was able to see my price at the very bottom of the screen. With the frames and the specific options I chose, the sunglasses were still pretty cheap glasses

Receiving My Sunglasses in the Mail
My sunglasses arrived in about 3 weeks or so via USPS. does use UPS/TNT also, will ship internationally, and to APO/FPO addresses. Shipping times will vary according to where you are, so look at their shipping policy on their website. 

My sunglasses are called 'Cotton' and in the color Black. 

They came in this durable plastic case, wrapped in a cloth and sealed nicely in its boxed packaging.
I really liked the detail on the sides of the sunglasses because it added to their style. 

The Tint was perfect and the shape of the sunglasses really fit my face nicely. 

I was thoroughly impressed with their fit. They fit nice and snug on my face. I could shake my head and look down and they would still stay in place. I was super happy about that. 

First Pair Free Special with Coupon Code (Limited Time Offer)

The is having a First Pair Free Special when you use Coupon Code: FirstFree at checkout! This is a Limited Time Offer, so act fast. 

All Eyeglasses Include: Free 1.50 Single Vision Lenses, Free Anti-Scratch Coating, and Free Protective Case & Cloth

Other Details for Special:
  • Valid only for a first purchase on
  • Only one free pair of glasses per customer and prescription
  • Shipping and handling fees apply

Here's Your 50%Off Coupon Code on Eyeglasses or Sunglasses with Free Lenses (Sale Frames Excluded)

Simply use Coupon Code: INV698PQGUT13 at checkout to SAVE 50% off frames on your first order.

Overall, I had a very good experience ordering sunglasses from I will order more online in the future and try different styles, to expand my options throughout the year.

Disclaimer: I received the sunglasses in this review, complimentary, in order to share my 100% personal, unbiased, opinion about their services. Your experiences may vary.

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