About Me

Welcome The Old Folks Know Best! 

On this blog, I post about the nuggets of wisdom "Old Folks" have given me, weekly grocery and shopping coupons, giveaways, and other beneficial opportunities for senior citizens and their families.

I love life and living it to the fullest. I am passionate about the "Old Folks" that many have written off as unimportant. I love the Lord and really enjoy the opportunities He has given me to be a caregiver to seniors. Each time they invite me into their homes, to their bed-sides, or just to celebrate among their friends and family, I am blessed and excited by the opportunity.

In my spare time, I enjoy quiet time, spending time taking walks in the park, going to museums to see art, watching films, connecting with friends and family back East in the U.S., and playing and cuddling with my three cats.

I was inspired to create "The Old Folks Know Best" by a Good Morning America segment on ABC about how other people are using their passions to create a sense of peace in their own lives, while making a difference for others. 

As I grow deeper and continue to evolve, in my purpose, I pray that God will help you to do the same. 

Many blessings and prosperity to you,

-Selena Brown